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Learn the truth about COE and it's limitations in calculating compatability between glasses! Henry Halem is one of the industry's leading experts on this and other technical subject matter. He's recently released an updated edition of his legendary "Glass Notes," the glass studio bible since 1996. From it you can learn how to build a glory hole, an annealer, batch your own glass, master sand casting, kiln casting, and find out how to calculate annealing temperatures. He's a wealth of knowledge, and we have an exciting conversation about viscosity, chemistry and compatability. Succinct and to the point, this episode will explode outworn myths and lead you down a new path!
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Sally Prasch is one industrial-strength glass artist! One of a handful of female scientific glassblowers, her story, struggle and subsequent success in this field makes great listening. Her adventures are both humorous and intriguing. What's the largest piece of apparatus she's ever made? Just a wee bit of quartz 12 inches in diameter and 11 feet long!!! Her talents range from the industrial to the artistic, including lathe work, neon, casting, and sculpture. She teaches all over the world. Look for excerpts of this podcast in The Flow magazine, Winter, 2007, coming this December.
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One of the grand artists and philosophers of our time! Gianni Toso participated in the early Studio Glass movement, flourished in the US and abroad with his narrative flameworking scenes, and has added his creative and spiritual spin to everything he touches. An inspiring interview! Find out about his controversial chess sets and his homemade wine! You’ll love listening to this entertaining and uplifting journey through his life. Enjoy!
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Join Marcie Davis and Steve Sizelove as they explore various marketing philosophies and the joys of a life in glass. Thoughtful and entertaining. Recorded at this year's International Flameworking Conference. You can read excerpts of this interview in The Flow Magazine, Summer, 2007.
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A Free Video Tutorial! Pat Frantz shows you how to make a Gold Foil Bead in true Venetian style. This short video podcast gives you a quick visit to the island of Murano, and some helpful hints on applying metal foils to your beads. Enjoy!
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Travel to Murano and Burano with Marcie Davis and Pat Frantz. You don't have to get on a plane....let Glasscaster take you there FREE! Pat is one of the world's foremost experts as well as collectors of fine murrine, and she is more than willing to share! So buckle your seat belt, relax, and listen.
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Mickelsen on Creativity! Check out our FIRST VIDEO PODCAST! We've wanted to test this technology for awhile now. And what better way than with a 7-minute mini-cast with Robert Mickelsen? His views on creativity are inspiring! This footage was shot just as the sun was rising early one Florida morning in Melbourne Beach. It's classic Mickelsen... We'd love some feedback regarding image quality and download times....
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Kinetic Glass Sculpture with Bandhu Scott-Dunham There's a little mad scientist in us all! Find out how Bandhu Scott-Dunham expresses his by combining inner vision with engineering skills to create marvelous kinetic glass sculptures. He shares the inspiration and history behind his glass steam engines and marble machines. And you thought it couldn't be done!
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An effervescent and exciting interview with Kate Drew-Wilkinson, describing her dream-come-true exhibit featuring American beadmaking, in Europe. See how she spreads glass joy around the world by leaving random beads on many continents! Listen now...
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Loren Stump: The Myth & The Man In an impromptu interview in a rented car in Tucson, Loren Stump shares his views on glass, globalization, inspiration and content creation. An enjoyable insight into the artist and the man. His contributions to flamework are profound. Find out what makes him tick!
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