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Join Marcie Davis in her international glass adventures. Travel the world...without leaving home.
Disney Daze Journey across time and space with Marcie Davis as she interviews three talented glassblowers who've worked at Disney. Bill Rasmussen was on the scene when Disneyland opened in 1955. Lewis Wilson followed with a stint at Disneyworld in the '70's. And Keith Bryan gives us an insider's look at the cultural integration of this all-American icon at today's Disney Tokyo.
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What's involved in finding your own true voice as an artist? Explore this concept with Micah Evans, a notoriously talented flameworker, as he shares his own path, and inspires you to develop yours! This incredible discussion delves into the inner workings of the artistic spirit, as well as the cultural influences that evoke certain expressive styles. What is it like to be working hot glass in America today? What does it mean to establish an "American Style" of flamework? Listen, and find out....
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Tech Talk: Borosilicate Color with Henry Grimmett
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Paul Stankard & Fred Birkhill share their own personal artistic history, while giving excellent insight and advice into what it takes to live the life of an artist. Find out what influenced them, and hear their thoughts on how to access your own creativity. Recorded at the 6th International Flamework Conference.