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I was lucky enough to interview Bert Cohen, known to the world as Marble Bert, by phone back in 2011 for a magazine article. Bert believed it was way better for kids to shoot marbles than drugs or each other! He collected hundreds of thousands of marbles in his lifetime, and gave away almost as many! I just located this interview file after all these was missing in action on an old laptop. Sadly, Bert passed away in 2015 at the age of 83. Here he is, digitally immortalized for your listening pleasure. Enjoy this insight into the history and world of marbles!

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Join us as we take a trip down memory lane with glass fusing artist Richard La Londe. You'll delight in hearing how fusing has transformed since the early days. Reminisce about kilns with no digital controls and shoot-from-the-hip firing schedules. Remember the days when frit was smashed by hand! Find out about the origins of Bullseye Glass and the efforts of the original artists that made it all happen! Fusing wouldn't be where it is today without the adventurous spirit of Richard and his creative cohorts. Have a listen and enjoy!

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