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Carmen Lozar tackles ideas and ideals and translates them into glass. Her narrative scenes become commentaries on human behavior and modern life. She insists that we look upon the dark and the light within our society and within our own human nature. Her work can be startling, shocking, whimsical and humorous. Join us in this brief slideshow, narrated by the artist.
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I love fire! So I find this insiders' look into the history of torches to be tons of fun and rather fascinating. In this very informal telephone interview, we find our heroes, Fred Birkhill & Bruce Lawrence, discussing the intricacies of flame and combustion starting at the very beginning. Fred has some torches dating from ancient Rome! Have you ever seen a gasoline powered crossfire with glass tips? You will here! This animated discussion was initially conducted as a research-gathering conversation contributing to Fred's Glass Art Society lecture on the history of the glass burner. It was so intriguing I decided to release it as a podcast!
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The Journeys of Jared DeLong Join Marcie Davis and Jared DeLong in a thought provoking interview about art, glass and inspiration. Jared shares his experiences with illustrating, hot glass, coldworking, and the creation of his glass knives. Together they explore their shared ideals on the personal enrichment gained by travel, and remind us all that life is about the journey, not the destination
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Leah Fairbanks, Gardens of Glass Find out how she does it! Join us as lampworking legend Leah Fairbanks shares some great tips on creating her floral flameworked beads. Her organic backgrounds are often composed of metallics and dichroics. In this easygoing interview you can learn how to apply some of these techniques to your own work, as well as find out more about the artist, how her style evolved, and where you can study with her.
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