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Join us as we take a trip down memory lane with glass fusing artist Richard La Londe. You'll delight in hearing how fusing has transformed since the early days. Reminisce about kilns with no digital controls and shoot-from-the-hip firing schedules. Remember the days when frit was smashed by hand! Find out about the origins of Bullseye Glass and the efforts of the original artists that made it all happen! Fusing wouldn't be where it is today without the adventurous spirit of Richard and his creative cohorts. Have a listen and enjoy!

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The Care and Feeding of Seahorses and Silver Colors, with Kimberly Affleck

Join us for an under-the-sea sojourn with Kimberly Affleck! Her seahorses are delightful and unique. She shares how they came to be and her journey of discovery through glass. You'll also great technical advice on how to work soft glass silver colors; how to get them to "pop" and generate the great effects that they're known for.

We'd like to thank Glasscraft Inc. for sponsoring this podcast. Excerpts of this interview are featured in the November/December 2011 issue of Glass Art Magazine.

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The Invasion of the Italian Stallions/Part2/Lucio Bubacco and Emilio Santini

Get a rare glimpse into the boyhood memories of Lucio Bubacco and Emilio Santini. Friends since birth, they share some of the hilarity of growing up together in Murano, Italy. Join us as two of the world's foremost flamework artists share their common past.

Find out how Lucio's work evolved, what themes and influences are important to him, and how mythology, philosophy and sexuality converge to create some of the most complex flameworked pieces in the history of the art.

This episode is sponsored by our friends at Glasscraft Inc. Find out more about them at: This interview was featured in the Spring, 2011 issue of The Flow Magazine.

Note: English is not Lucio's first language!

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The Invasion of the Italian Stallions/ Part 1/ Cesare Toffolo

Join us for the first installment of "The Invasion of the Italian Stallions" featuring Cesare Toffolo. This Muranese Maestro shares his life, his work, and his innovations in glass. As a special bonus, we have a guest appearance by Emilio Santini, our talented and mischievous translator. This interview was conducted at the International Flameworking Conference. You can see excerpts of it featured in the Winter, 2011 issue of Glashaus Magazine.

We would like to thank Glasscraft Inc. for sponsoring this podcast. Learn more about them at If YOU would like to sponsor a podcast, contact me at (Details at


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The Birth of the Studio Glass Movement Through The Eyes of Marvin Lipofsky

Witness the birth of the Studio Glass Movement through the eyes of Marvin Lipofsky. As one of the students that participated in Harvey Littleton's first glassblowing class, he was present from the beginning. His work as a glass artist has taken him all over the world, where he was often the first American artist to collaborate with local factory workers. From the Czech Republic to Russia, Japan, Finland and Yugoslavia, this international glass master has seen it all. You'll also hear about the events leading to the formation of the Glass Art Society.

We would like to thank Glasscraft, Inc. for sponsoring this podcast. Find out more about them at: And remember to tell them you heard about them on Glasscaster!

Printed excerpts of this podcast can be seen in the Summer, 2010 issue of The Flow Magazine.

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Build Your Dreams with Tim Macfarlane


Build your dreams in glass! Engineer Tim Macfarlane shares a bit about the complexities of determining the stress, strain and structural strength of our favorite sparkly material. He brings architects' visions to life, an accomplishment that is no small feat!


You may recognize his work when treading upon sculptural glass staircases at Apple stores around the world. Or climbing the ruby red staircase at Times Square to usher in the New Year. 


But it's not all about the modern application of glass as a building material....


He's also working on the restoration of a historic building in Virginia, circa 1769. Replacing missing sections with glass makes it "clear" to all the separation of the old from the new. A conservators dream! Or is it? Find out more in this engaging interview. 


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Paul Stankard: My Life So Far

Paul Stankard's contributions in glass span more than four decades. You'll enjoy this candid and revealing interview with one of the world's foremost and well-loved paperweight makers. Find out about his thoughtful and provocative book, "No Green Berries or Leaves", and see what's happening at his alma mater, Salem Community College. Their new Glass Center now fuels it's furnaces using methane from a nearby landfill while turning extra gas into electricity. An ambitious undertaking! (Recorded at the 9th annual International Flameworking Conference.) 

We'd like to thank Glasscraft Inc. for sponsoring this podcast. Learn more about them at:

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To see more of Paul Stankard's work, go to

Check out the International Flameworking Conference and the glass program at Salem Community College at:

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Our first podcast tutorial! For a very long time I've considered the podcast potential for creating "enhanced tutorials." So here we go....Watch! Look! And Listen!

Suzie Fitzwater shares how she constructs her S'elf. It's just the CUTEST little flameworked Elf on a mandrel.

We've created this tutorial to feature the flesh tones of Lauscha's CARAMELLO.

If you want to try making this elf but you're out of CARAMELLO, head on over to and you can find it under Lauscha Glass rods. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the tutorial. Suzie rocks!

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A Fireside Chat with Shane Fero Shane shares his personal history, cultural influences, & artistic evolution as one of the foremost American flamework artists. Follow his path from its early beginnings at Santa's Workshop & Cypress Gardens, through his trailblazing career as one of the visionaries that redefined the hot glass world. Find out how Shane’s insightful and progressive ideas are being implemented within the Glass Art Society, where his reign as President has resulted in many new benefits for members and the glass community. Look for the printed version of this podcast in the SPRING, 2010 issue of Profitable Glass Quarterly
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Figures, Fairies, and the Flameworking Magic of Julie Riggs

Join us as we explore the personal cosmos of Julie Riggs. Her glass sculptures blend spirit, sensuality and nature with passion, conviction and skill. It's a successful mix! We discuss fairies, figures and flamework, as well as technical subjects such as amber purple, surface mixed torches, and her recent collaborative work in Las Vegas. This interview was conducted as we stole extra time before checkout at the end of a GAS Conference in Corning. Excerpts of this interview were printed in the Winter, 2009 issue of The Flow Magazine.

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